Receding Gums: Possible Solutions And Treatments

Problems in the mouth are usually associated with the teeth. Read on more tips about Regrow Receding Gums. Poor alignment, poor positioning, coloration, and cavities are some of the many difficulties of teeth that one associates in a constant and direct way with the mouth. However, gums can also be affected by serious drawbacks, many of them about such dental problems. Retracted gums are an example of this. Next, information on this periodontal problem and its possible solutions with different types of treatments will be released.

What Are Receding Gums?

It is known as gums recession to that type of gums that separates progressively of the teeth and leaves exposed the roots of the dental pieces.

As a result of this recession of the gum, there are free spaces between the gums and teeth that facilitate the entry of germs and bacteria that attack both the gums and dental roots.

What Causes Receding Gums?

There is no single cause that causes gum recession in a person. This periodontal problem, in general, is associated with the contagion of periodontists, of digestive affections or mis distribution of dental pieces.

On the other hand, genetic predisposition may also be a factor that causes receding gums, since those with finer gums will be more prone to this retraction.

There is also the possibility that certain dental treatments, such as surgeries or orthodontics, are responsible for receding gums.

How to regrow receding gums – Possible Solution & Treatment

Because there are many causes that can cause receding gums, there is also a varied amount of possible solutions and treatments that deal with this periodontal problem.

Personal Oral Hygiene

Most of the cases of receding gums are due to the infection of a periodontal disease known as periodontitis or pyorrhea, which consists of an infection that is spread in the gums by the lack of washing of the teeth and its consequent accumulation of tartar.

For this reason, to avoid periodontitis and, therefore, retraction of the gums, a possible solution is to maintain good personal oral hygiene. To do this, it will be necessary to wash not only the teeth but also the tongue and gums, systematically after each meal. In addition, the washing should be gentle, since squeezing the brush against the teeth and gums can motivate the retraction.

Professional Dental Cleaning

When personal hygiene is not enough to remove tartar that forms on your teeth, it is advisable to visit the dentist for a professional dental cleaning. This treatment consists of washing the entire mouth that the dentist performs, with specialized instruments, in his dental office.

In these cases, the dentist is responsible for removing bacterial plaque on teeth and gums to prevent cases of gingivitis and periodontitis and, thus, prevent gum retraction.


Surgery is a third possible solution to the receding gums when this problem is severe. This surgical intervention consists in the accomplishment of an autograft. After removal of damaged gum tissues, tissue is removed from the plate to be used as a graft in the retracted gums and thus regain the height of the gums.

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